‘Saving Deficiency’ as Ontology of the Humanbody

  • Olga Gomilko
Keywords: chora, archaic body, fallenness, fallibility, fallen body, ontology, ontological gap, organism, ‘saving deficiency’, the human body


This paper is a contribution in discussions about the corporeal ‘uncertainty’ as a fundamental attribute of a human body, thanks to which a body transforms into the body. Defining this ‘uncertainty’ as ‘saving deficiency’ contests its conception as fallenness of the human body. However fallibility as a condition of ‘saving deficiency’ opens horizon for numerous cultural canons. An archaic body starts human’s battle against fear of own body. The history of culture represents the stages of this battle. Ontology of ‘saving deficiency’ of the human body allows going beyond the limits of the constructivist position in interpreting the history.

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