Освіта в Україні: дух та тіло


  • Olga Gomilko


The article is devoted to the reviewing of the book ‘Vocation of the University’ (2005, the edition is carried out at financial and expert support of Fulbright Exchange Program). The choice of the article subject is caused by the significance of the book that consists in revealing of the dynamics of the points of view on the problems of education in Ukraine, generalizing an intellectual experience in that field and inducing public discussion above mentioned problems. The materials contained in the book were written in the different periods of a post-soviet history of Ukraine. Their comparative analysis gives us an opportunity to trace the development of the discourse on education in Ukraine. The state of self-reflection is showing the productivity of the discourse. For the important task of the article is to consider that phenomenon, which could be said bears the spirit of education.
To transform the current body of education defines its intention. Addressing in the article serves not so much to emphasize their binary content, but as methodological
tool of revealing how the body of education causes its spirit. Therefore speaking about the spirit of education in Ukraine it is necessary to remember about its body, that is not passive object of a manipulation by spirit. Otherwise, it influences and moulds the body, generating its carriers. Ukrainian researcher or teacher is flesh of the entire social system, which defines conditions for education in Ukraine. That is why, what he/she speaks and in what way they do not in the last instance is caused by his/or her place in the concrete social reality. The suggested analysis of the book ‘Vocation of the University’ renders the chance to see this influence and its transformation in time.


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