Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine

Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine

Organizational meeting

of Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine at Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation
was held on March, 26, 2015,

which has adopted the decision:

  1. To create the Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine at Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation.
  2. To approve the STATUTE of the Society.
  3. To elect M.Kultayeva as President of the Society,
    L. Gorbunova and I.Predborska as its Co-chairpersons,
    L.Panchenko as an Academic Secretary.



of Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine
at Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation


The Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine (Society) is the scientific society, which brings together the specialists in the field of philosophy of education, pedagogy and other branches, connected with the problems of Ukrainian and world education development.

The Aim of the Society:

  • Joining the forces of leading Ukrainian philosophy and pedagogical theory representatives for the common study of problems that are at the intersection of philosophical and pedagogical knowledge.
  • The development of international scientific cooperation in the investigation of the given problems.
  • The analysis of social and humanitarian processes, caused by multidimensional crisis of Ukrainian society and its integration into European and world cultural space.
  • The development of effective models, scripts and projects of Ukrainian education transformation according to the challenges of globalization and the information technology revolution on the basis of which we will be able to exploit new opportunities and avoid risks in the field of cultural and humanitarian development of our society.


The Founders of the Philosophy of Education Society of Ukraine:

  • Ukrainian scholars as experts in the field of educational researches.


The Main Research Directions of Society:

  • History of philosophical and educational thought as culture phenomenon and its influence on the mental paradigm sense.
  • The comparative analysis of educational theories and practices in the context of the history and contemporary globalized culture.
  • Contemporary cognitive and communicative strategies of society as the context of educational needs.
  • The opportunities of contemporary philosophical and scientific theories as methodological foundations of educational studies.
  • The educational problems in transdisciplinary and transparadigm discourse.
  • The educational problems in the context of anthropological crisis and new humanitarian technologies.
  • International experience and perspectives of multicultural and transcultural education.
  • Axiological problems of educational discourse and value transformation in the learning process.
  • Phenomenon of University in the context of knowledge society.
  • The innovative educational experiences and their possible implementations.


Forms of the Society Activity:

  • Organization of collective researches among the Society members in the field of philosophy of education of the 21st century.
  • Discussion and summarizing the results of individual studies of the Society members on methodological seminars and conferences of profession-oriented scientific and educational institutions, international and national conferences on the same topic.
  • The organization of conferences, seminars, round tables and other forms of interactive scientific activities on philosophical and educational issues.
  • Publication of the scientific journal "Філософія освіти. Philosophy of Education".
  • Organization and support of the site "Philosophy of Education. University studies".
  • Preparation and publication of monographs and collections of scientific works of the Society members.
  • Development and implementation of international educational and research projects in cooperation with scholars from Universities of other countries.
  • Elaboration of philosophy of education curriculum for undergraduate and graduate (master) students of teachers training Universities in Ukraine.
  • The organization of an electronic library on philosophy of education on the Society site.
  • Establishing cooperation with other scientific societies and academic institutions in Ukraine and abroad.


Organization of Society Activity:

  1. The Society is part of the Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation and is its integral part on the basis of a cooperation agreement that provides semantic and organizational autonomy of the Society activity. Cooperation agreement is approved by the Governing Body of Society and Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation.
  2. The Society is a voluntary organization. Each Society member has the right to cancel membership according to his/her desire.
  3. Decisions within the Society are concluded by a majority vote of open or secret ballot at its meeting.
  4. New members of the Society are admitted by agreement of the majority of existing members.
  5. The Society is headed by the President, two Co-chairpersons and Academic Secretary. Frequency of elections of Society Governing Body is one year.