Philosophy of Music as a New Philosophical Discipline: Post-metaphysical Perspectives

  • Olga Gomilko
Keywords: philosophy of music, new humanitarian paradigm, education, university


Transformations in contemporary philosophical discourses put emphasis on the phenomenon of music. Particularly the post-metaphysical thinking allows us to include music in the circle of philosophical themes as a deartistics and ecologically con notated essence. That theoretical process takes place in the context of the practical turn, due to a theoretical reflection that goes back into life. The lecturing course of music philosophy reveals the theoretical productivity of the practical turn on the course of developing a new paradigm of humanitarian knowledge. The article offers to discuss the basic conceptual and methodical ideas of the course as well as innovative university courses in humanities. An involvement into the discussion of a wide range of participants, including students, makes the Ukrainian philosophical discourse more publicly open and aca emically profound and informative.

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