The Return of Aristotle: The World Congress “Philosophy of Aristotle”(Athens, July 9 -15, 2016)


  • Olga Gomilko H. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy



Aristotle, World Congress, reason, rationality, modernity, philosophy


The process of consolidation of post-material values requires strengthening of the position of human mind. Aristotle’s return is meant to teach humankind how to use the mind effectively in order to act properly for achieving a dignified life. The revival of interest in Aristotle’s philosophy restores his status as a teacher and renounces the perception of Aristotle as an opponent. The World Congress “Philosophy of Aristotle”, which took place on July 9—15, 2016 in Greece, marks an important step in this process. The coverage of the congress in this article is based on personal impressions, and it does not mean to present the overall content of the congress work. The purpose of the article is to provoke philosophical discussion about institutional issues of the Ukrainian philosophical life.

Author Biography

Olga Gomilko, H. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy

prof. dr. hab., Leading Researcher (The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, H. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy of Culture, Ethics, Aesthetics).


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Gomilko, O. (2016). The Return of Aristotle: The World Congress “Philosophy of Aristotle”(Athens, July 9 -15, 2016). Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 19(2), 245–256.



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