Round-table “Education for the Future: Thoughts on the Jubilee Report of the Club of Rome”

(Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, May 29, 2018)




Club of Rome, globalization, synergetics, new Enlightenment, sustainable development, supported civilization, educational innovations, value-competence approach


Under this title, a meeting of the Round Table organized by the Ukrainian Synergetic Society was held within the framework of the scientific-practical conference "Innovations in Education: Value-Competence Approach", held on May 29, 2018 at the Dragomanov National Pedagogical University.

Participants: I. Dobronravova, L. Gorbunova, I. Drach, L. Bevzenko, L. Bogataya, I. Yershova-Babenko, I. Knysh, N. Kochubey, T. Bilous, O. Komar, Y. Melkov, M. Nesterova, A. Pipich, L. Sidorenko.

Traditionally, for such meetings, the role of moderator was performed by the president of the Ukrainian Synergetic Society, Professor Iryna Dobronravova. The participants expressed views on a certain resonance of the theses of the Rome Club with the ideas of synergetics: a call to abandon reductionism and linear thinking, recognition of a holistic approach to understanding the current situation on the planet and developing an action plan for favorable prospects, calling for synergy of action and a balance of sustainable development , call for disciplinary complementarity in research and training.

It focused on the philosophical foundations of the necessary transformation of thinking, which should become integral, on the ideas of the “new Enlightenment”, the “global citizenship” policy, education strategies as “literacy about the future”, which is based on connectivity, universal values ​​and respect for cultural differences, focuses on sustainable development, on education, which comes from the pluralism of content and is inclusive, that is, it includes the whole range of contradictory and complementary perspectives, not limited to analytical, but cultivates integral thinking.

It is concluded that this report is certainly of great methodological importance for educational research and educational policy, especially in clarifying the problems of sustainable (balanced) development, globalization, internationalization and the development of a global civil society. Education for sustainable development and its component - education for global citizenship are relevant in the context of the problems posed by this report of the planetary development of humanity.

Author Biographies

Iryna Dobronravova, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

Dr habil. in Philosophy, Professor, Chair of Philosophy and Methodology of Science; President of Ukrainian Synergetic Society, member of Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science(Vienna, Austria)

Lyudmyla Gorbunova, Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

Doctor of philosophical sciences (hab.), Leading researcher;   Editor-in-Chief of Journal «Filosofia osvity. Philosophy of Education», Vice-president of the Ukrainian Society of Philosophy of Education   


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Dobronravova, I., & Gorbunova, L. (2018). Round-table “Education for the Future: Thoughts on the Jubilee Report of the Club of Rome”: (Drahomanov National Pedagogical University, May 29, 2018). Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 23(2), 70–99.



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