Post non-classical Synthesis of Knowledge




post non-classical synthesis of knowledge, classical, non-classical and post non-classical types of scientific rationality, Quantum Physics of the Alive, Quantum Medicine


Academician V. S. Stepin, considering the objects of classical and non-classical types of rationality like aspects or fragments of self-developing systems as the object of post non-classical type of rationality, provided a methodological foundation for formulating a post non-classical synthesis of foregoing knowledge on the basis of new theoretizations of post non-classical sciences. The present article provides examples of such synthesis in Quantum Physics of the Alive as a phenomenon of post non-classical science,

Physics of the Alive demonstrated, how the self-organization of a live organism's own coherent electromagnetic field entails the dynamic stability of the organism as a macroscopic quantum object. As a result of such macroscopic nature, the spreading of electromagnetic waves of millimeter range in organism and their reflection from bones and nails as well as the interference of direct and reflective waves, creating papillary patterns, proceeds entirely according to the laws of classic electrodynamics. Moreover, the space projection of limit cycles of this coherent field can be naturally associated with channels of Chinese acupuncture. Quantum Medicine, which is based on Physics of the Alive, successfully uses the experience of the ancient culture. Thus postnonclsssical science realizes the synthesis of knowledge of different realms and kinds.

Besides of this example of postnonclassical synthesis of knowledge, author shows, how non-linear theories, describing variants of non-linear dynamics of complex system, consider the choice by chance for certain variant as real necessity of historic development of our world. However, no common recipe of the synthesis apparently exists. One can only speak about creation of specific post non-classical theories of specific becoming and existence of self-organizing systems. It is important that the task of creating such synthesis can be correctly formulated now by utilizing the theoretical framework of Prof. V. S. Stepin. Post non-classical synthesis of knowledge provides the unity of science and demonstrates the unity of our world.

Author Biography

Iryna Dobronravova, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

Professor, Dr. habil. in Philosophical Sciences, Chair of Philosophy and Methodology of Science;  President of Ukrainian Synergetic Society. Research Interests: philosophy and methodology of science, philosophy of physics, philosophy of synergetics, epistemology, philosophy of education.


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