«Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life”: Information and Analytic Review of 23rd World Congress of Philosophy


  • Iryna Predborska


23rd World Congress of Philosophy, philosophy, way of life, J. Habermas, U. Eco, philosophy of education


The article overviews the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy, which was held in Athens in 2013. Its basic materials are analyzed. The main philosophical problems which have become the subject of discussions at the sections and round tables are outlined. Among them are: study of the world philosophical traditions on the basis of dialogue of cultures; interdisciplinarity as a dialogue of different disciplines; actualization of philosophical reflection on global issues; the impact of modern science and technology on human, society, nature; practical turn in contemporary philosophy; study of education as a way to change the world and the personality; a new concept of humanism; philosophy as the art of living; transhumanism and the latest version in the understanding of human nature; communicative turn in philosophy and etc. The key ideas of J. Habermas’ and U. Eco’s lectures and also the contents of the special sessions related to Plato and Aristotle are analyzed. The participation of Ukrainian philosophers in the Congress is shown.


Abstract views: 327



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