Interview with professor of philosophy Hans-Martin Sass. November 15-18, 2020




bio-ethics, integrative bioethics, culture, transdisciplinary interaction


Hans-Martin Sass, Honorary Professor of Philosophy (Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany). Founder and board member of the Centre for Medical Ethics (CME), Bochum, Germany. Honorary Senior Research Fellow at Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. Honorary Professor of the Bioethics Research Centre, Beijing. He has written more than 60 books and pamphlets, more than 250 articles in professional journals. Editor of the Ethik in der Praxis/ Practical ethics, Muenster: Lit. Founder and co-editor of the brochures “Medizinethische Materialien”, Bochum: ZME. He has lectured in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, the Chech Republic, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Japan, France, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan. The interview devoted to exposition of the concept of bioethics in America and Germany, as well as the professor`s attitude to the idea of the integrative concept of bioethics. The concept of integrative bioethics has been developed in different countries, a component of this concept is the idea of the need for discussion on bioethics in various sectors of society (not only medical). Equally important in this concept are the definitions of bioethics and the bioethical imperative proposed by Fritz Jahr in 1926. The scientist`s article, which was discovered in 1997, contains a new format of bioethical ideas, as well as a valuable opportunity to enhance understanding the term of bioethics as an integrative science. Interview has been conducted by Hanna Hubenko as a part of the joint international course «Integrative Bioethics». At the meeting it was discussed the experience of cooperation and plans for the future. Cooperation and feedback between scientists remains an unconditional prerogative, also in a pandemic situation (to be continued).

Author Biographies

Hans-Martin Sass, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany

PhD, Professor Emeritus Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany, and Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA; Honorary Professor, Research Center for Bioethics, Peking Union Medical College, and Renmin University, Beijing, P.R. China

Hanna Hubenko, Medical Institute of Sumy State University

Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Public Health;
The Founder&Head of «Bioethics» NGO


Sass, H.-M. (2020). Health and Happiness of Political Bodies. Biocultures, Businesses, Biopolititics. Zuerich: LIT Verlag


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Sass, H.-M., & Hubenko, H. (2021). Interview with professor of philosophy Hans-Martin Sass. November 15-18, 2020. Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 26(2), 188–193.






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