Urban Bioethics Plan: Studies for the Conscious Citizen


  • Hanna Hubenko Sumy State University




urban bioethics, InplatBio - Integrative bioethics platform, inclusion, integration and transdisciplinarity, deliberative democracy


The analysis of urban bioethics in the article is carried out through urban practices. In turn, through such life practices there is an awareness of bioethics in general. Three main characteristics of urban bioethics are being revealed – Inclusion, Integration and Transdisciplinarity. Inclusion is a restless screenwriter of “inclusion” of citizens, where urban bioethics explores the experience of using the principles of bioethics in everyday life. Integration reveals integrative mechanisms for uniting communities to develop a strategy for the development of a city and society as a whole. Transdisciplinarity explains the mechanism of the transcendent space, combining the diversity of languages, specialties, cultures and the like.

The urban bioethics plan aims at discussing civic thought in solving problems including both a bioethical nature and an urban context. Which forum is better for such discussions? We offer InplatBio - an integrative bioethics platform that has online and offline life in the city. The most promising theories for debates on bioethics are the ones that call upon citizens or officials to justify any requirements for collective action, giving reasons that may be acceptable to those who are connected by action. This concept has become known as deliberative democracy. InplatBio is an involvement of conscious citizens to work together in the community, for an ongoing, general, thoughtful and competent discussion of problems and their joint solution.

Author Biography

Hanna Hubenko, Sumy State University

Ph.D.,Associate  Professor of the Department of Public Health of the Medical Institute;
The Founder&Head of «Bioethics» NGO


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