Transhumanitarity as a Factor in the Development of Present Science and Education

Methodological Seminar

  • Lyudmila Gorbunova
Keywords: transhumanitarity, education, science, human dimensionality, philosophy


Methodological seminar on the topic was held at the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. The intersubjective experience of understanding and discussion of issues within the topic was presented in the participants’ presentations. The methodological foundations of the possible ways and approaches to implementation of positive international experience of transhumanitaristics in the educational fi eld were proposed. In particular, it was about changing of the priorities of contemporary scientifi c knowledge: from «external» to «internal» nature, namely, to the man and the reality created by him; about a profound transformation of the phenomenon of man, the «human dimensionality» of the contemporary scientifi c knowledge; about bioethics and philosophy of the animals; about transhumanism from the point of view of its opportunities, risks and dangers etc. It is stressed that transhumanitarity in the present conditions of transitivity, variability, uncertainty of the human condition would act as a methodological requirement in the fi eld of educational studies to take into account this condition and as a regulatory idea of the high level of generality.

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