The Institutional Crisis in Education: Contemporary Sociocultural Сhallenges


  • Viktoria Shamrai H. S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine


The crisis of education, social project, network, singularity, informational


The article argues that modern education is in a state of institutional crisis. The content of this crisis is defined as the destruction of sustainable cultural vocation education and denial of it by the metamorphosis of modern sociality. Their common denominator is the loss of effectiveness of the social project of modernity with its inherent universal assaults and imperatives. The global world is a world of difference fatal. By definition, it does not imply the possibility of a universal social project. We consider the main features of the modern globalized sociality, such as network, singularity of informational. Society has always existed as a distinct social structure. In turn, the network disavows structure. Where was the diversity of the elements constituting a whole, there is a potentially unlimited set of equivalent places – entry / exit points of the network. These points are potentially unlimited, because it does not set the properties of the network, and are formed directly act to participate in it. The participation and non-participation in the network is an act of singularity, and not a function of the network itself. Therefore, with respect to the network and the aggregate of its positions each singularity is metaposition. It captures a state of human existence, and when the activity of the whole human activity enters the entry-exit system to various contacts, provides de-substantivation personality. The only true network for the singularity – a combination of its own involvement in the network. Generated its totality – the sum involved – this is a private network that’s singularity. It is – its true identity. In retrospect, the singularity is the third (after the self and identity) format of the modern human existence. Directly it is a decay product (annihilation) of the masses. At the same time, we have here the transition from society mobilizations to society mobility. These profound changes in contemporary social sense undermine the foundations of the Institute of Education and educational practices. There is a need for a new social project that would set meaningful horizon for institutional reinstallation contemporary education.

Author Biography

Viktoria Shamrai, H. S. Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of NAS of Ukraine

candidate of philosophical sciences, senior researcher of social philosophy department


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Shamrai, V. (2015). The Institutional Crisis in Education: Contemporary Sociocultural Сhallenges. Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 16(1), 89–104. Retrieved from






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