Pedagogy as a Modern Phenomenon

  • Viktoria Shamrai
Keywords: modern, pedagogy, education, prescriptivity, social constructivism


The article deals with the backgrounds of pedagogy as a practice of self-organization of modern society. This optics is possible on the base of the consistent delimitation between cultural practices of education, on the one hand, and the peculiarly pedagogy as an autonomous rational discipline, which systematically and theoretically grounds educational activity, on the other hand. A modern social constructivism is a constitutive factor as a genesis of both pedagogy and its work. The relationship between pedagogy and social utopianism of the modern sense and its value-normativistic effect are revealed. This effect is a manifestation of the overall prescriptive pedagogical knowledge. Therefore pedagogy is defined as a manifestation of social-effective consciousness, rather than purely cognitive position. Four basic modes of prescriptivity incident to pedagogical discourse are emphasized and analyzed.

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