Education in the System of Humanitarian Technologies


  • Viktoria Shamrai


humanitarian technology, knowledge, competence, cultural practices, worldattitude


In the article new quality of education is examined in the context of the global world, namely transformation of education on humanitarian technology. Genesis of the phenomenon
of humanitarian technologies, precondition of technologisation of cultural reproduction of man, structure and mechanism of action of humanitarian technology is analyzed in this connection. Its inalienable constituent is sociocultural examination. A decisive value for technologisation of cultural self-reproduction of man had converting of the world into construct produced by human activity (symbolic order that gravitates to the autarchy). Accordingly the disposition of world-attitude is changed: instead of «acquisition of nature» the «use of cultural codes» has appeared. The author proposes the classification of humanitarian technologies as systems of cultural practices that embrace all sphere of human vital activity. According to humanitarian technologies orientations five basic types are distinguished: technology of involving, technology of qualification, management technology, technology of communication and technology of «caring about itself». Education is determined as humanitarian «technology of involving». At the same time in the context of «society of knowledge» it plays a universal role as a generally valid mode to the competences.


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