Multicultural Education as a Domain of the Public Policies in Visegrad Countries

  • Iryna Sikorska
Keywords: multicultural education, the Visegrad countries, public policy, migrants, multicultural society


The present paper describes the background of the policy development of multicultural education in the Visegrad countries (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic). Since 1990s, due to the steady democratization processes of these societies, the social diversity has been reemerged again in this region, gaining special significance at the time of the EU joining and integration. It is stated that changes in society are undoubtedly linked with changes in education. The purpose of this article is to present a context in which the multicultural education has become a domain of the public policies in the V4 with special attention paid to the needs of contemporary societies which are becoming more
and more diversified due to the arrival of economic migrants. The author strives  to answer the question: should multicultural aspects remain only a theoretical approach to the education or should they be within the domain of the public social cohesion policy.

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