Transformation of Philosophical Education in the Context of Social Changes


  • A. Loy


Transformation of philosophical education touches upon the general courses and the whole system of philosophical disciplines provided both the future specialists in Philosophy and other specialties. Regarding the last group, it is worth of suggesting the course of Philosophy depending on the specialty, e.g. Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Economics, Philosophy of Language. It is also necessary to take into consideration the individual choice of student-magisters in choosing special courses, which they can listen together with the students of philosophical specialty. In the prospect, there is a need to provide the general course of Philosophy in the upper secondary school and gymnasiums  philosophical education is concentrated on the block of theoretical and practical Philosophy. The first one covers Metaphysics, Ontology, Philosophical Anthropology, Gnoseology, Phemenology, Methodology (philosophy) of Science and, in particular, Philosophy of Humanitarian Science. The block of practical Philosophy is especially important one: Ethics, Philosophy of Law,
Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of History, Ecological Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, etc. The institutional and non-institutional factors, which should be regarded like infrastructural ones, are playing an important role in the contemporary philosophical education. The level of the professional philosophical education is getting lower due to the weak language preparation (especially in the field of ancient languages), lack of the classical texts in the libraries and academic institutions. One of the most essential indicators of educational possibilities is the quality of the domestic philosophical research (the area of which has achieved the critical measure recently in our country) and also publicity of philosophical life, prevalence of discussions in philosophical and popular science periodicals. Their unsatisfactory state has a negative impact on the motivational background of philosophical education perception, its reasonability. 


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