Problems of Pedagogics in the Framework of Modern Philosophical Anthropology

  • V. Tabachkovsky


The article presents an analysis of the re-comprehension process of the established views on a man and culture in the educational aspect, transition from anthropology of normativizm and rigorizm and relevant to it normative and repressive pedagogics to the anthropology and pedagogics of assistance. The urgent problems of such re-comprehension, which also form the contents of the  author's reflections, are outlined. It is pointed out that philosophical understanding of any anthropological collusions is organically developed into the social and pedagogical reflections. It is made an attempt to show the peculiarities of such development due to the comparative analysis of the classical and modern anthropological ideas. On this basis, the key anthropologems of the modern culture are determined, special attention is paid to the peculiarities of the postmodern vision of the phenomena of freedom, originality, meeting and thier importance for the anthropological and pedagogical comprehension. 

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