The philosophy of parenting adopted children

Review of Arleta James’s book “The science of parenting adopted children”




parenting, adopted children, adoptive parents, early childhood trauma, strategy for healing a traumatized child


When solving the problem of their placement of the orphans and children deprived of parental care, the parenting, which is carried out in family-type orphanages, foster families and adoptive families, became a priority. Translation into Ukrainian of Arleta James’ book «The science of parenting adopted children» will be a help for adoptive parents in its implementation. The book proposes the psychological characteristics of the arrived children and constructive practical advice on their parenting.

Author Biographies

Oksana Pomohaibo, Poltava regional center of social services (Ukraine)

Master of Social Pedagogy, social manager

Valentyn Pomohaibo, Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V. G. Korolenko (Ukraine)

Candidate of Science (Biology), assistant professor, professor-consultant


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