Let's protect schools

(transl. by Oleh Hirnyi)


  • Boguslaw Wolniewicz Warsaw University




school, teachers as a class, school reform, classical school, state, Polish school


The first Ukrainian translation of the text by Boguslaw Wolniewicz " Let's protect schools".

Boguslaw Wolniewich (1927-2017) is a new figure in Ukrainian information space. This Warsaw professor and visiting professor at a number of leading American and European universities, a member of the International Wittgenstein Society, also known for his journalistic activities, including appearances in the press, radio and television, and lectures on YouTube where he became a real star of the Internet.

The main areas of his thought were logic, metaphysics, ethics, philosophy of religion and philosophy of law, but he gained the most recognition as the creator of the ontology of the situation, as translator and commentator of Ludwig Wittgenstein, as well as a critic of freudianism, phenomenology, postmodernism, marxism and religious fundamentalism.

In his opinion, school reform cannot destroy the authority of a teacher – even for the sake of introducing the latest foreign educational models. Wolniewicz defends the ideals of the classical school, which should give students scientifically sound knowledge, not just practical recipes for survival in society. He emphasizes that the main task of the school is education, and education can appear in it only as a valuable by-product – as doping. The school educates only through learning: through its content, its level, its requirements and its appropriate organization. Wolniewicz warns against the dominance of bureaucracy in the school, and sees the mission of the state in ensuring educational autonomy. A school should not be a profit-oriented institution or a means of building the personal career of an official.

Author Biography

Boguslaw Wolniewicz, Warsaw University

Doctor of Philosophy (hab.), professor, Polish philosopher and logician, author of translations into Polish translation by prats Ludwig Vitgenstein and author of comments to Vitgenstein. From 1989 to 1998 he became an Professor Emeritus at the Department of Philosophy of Religion of Warsaw University, from 1998 – Professor Emeritus of the same University


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Wolniewicz, B. (2020). Let’s protect schools: (transl. by Oleh Hirnyi). Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 26(1), 260–269. https://doi.org/10.31874/2309-1606-2020-26-1-16






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