How is Ukrainian Philosophical Process Possible?

  • Vyacheslav Artyukh
Keywords: Ukrainian philosophy, historical and philosophical process, national spirit, national character, national Weltanschauung


Historical, ideologically valuable, hermeneutical factors made possible the construction of Ukrainian philosophical process’ image are analyzed in the article. The author proves that
construction of philosophical process’ model became possible thanks to formation of Ukrainian history’s entirety. Ukrainian philosophy has originated as national one due to the interacting of such contextual factors as geographical, language ones and the criteria of national identification of philosophical wordage’s author. The influence of ideological context on the historians of philosophy’s positions is particular underlined. The ancient Ukrainian philosophy was germinated by means of Constantinopolitan philosophical traditions borrowed after Christianity adoption in Rus. The process is marked by developing of the sense of such categories as “national genius”, “national character”, “Weltanschauung”. Their use creates favorable base for expansion of Ukrainian philosophy performance along with metaphysical variants of thinking and so called “love of wisdom”.

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