The Man and the Universe. On the Problem of Formation of Personal World View.

  • Viktor Pazenok
Keywords: modern worldview, cosmology, noosphere (noospherical responsibilities), anthropic principle, scientific problem and hypothesis, randomness (singularity) as determinant of event, “cosmic reason’


In contemporary culture the “honorable place” belongs to the concept worldview, which accumulated the totality philosophical, gnoseological , scientific and other reflections about the worlds of human existence, including the cosmic universe as a cradle of the life at the Earth. In our paper we try to identify the actual entities from the new pages of eternal book “The Man and the Universe”. The noosphere theory, among the founders of which is Vladimir Vernadsky plays a role of epicenter of the modern science in its philosophical and cosmological aspects. Our paper represents the essence of contemporary cosmological knowledge: anthropic principle, string and fractal theories of cosmic space, essence of “M-theory”, etc. The plots, affiliated with near and far cosmos as objects of human activities in the framework of the development of civilization in the 21st century are also observed. The opinions of classical representatives of astrophysics and quantum mechanics as far as representatives of “new waves of scientists” like Stephen Hawking and Brian Greene regarding philosophical aspects of indicated problems are also mentioned.

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