University Mission in Western-European Culture (Ethical and Sociological Aspects). P.1

  • Mariya Mikhaylivna Rogozha Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
  • Sergiy Volodymirovych Kurbatov Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine
Keywords: university, university mission, teaching, corporation, research, national state, the third mission of university, civil service


The paper is devoted to the problem of historical development of university community through the lenses of understanding of university mission. The authors undertake critical reflections of the scheme of evolution of university mission, which was elaborated by American researcher John Scott, as far as add some theoretical and methodological suggestions to this scheme. In this respect, typical for late medieval university mission of teaching and corporate based building of university community in the modern times are supplemented by the mission of research. At the same time, university is incorporated in the system of arising nation-state as a tool for preparation highly-qualified bureaucrats for its apparatus. In postmodern times in the context of globalization and certain emancipation of the university from the state such aspects of university mission as the different forms of civil service or the third mission of university become more and more important.

Author Biographies

Mariya Mikhaylivna Rogozha, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

doctor of philosophical sciences, professor at the Department of Ethics, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies

Sergiy Volodymirovych Kurbatov, Institute of Higher Education, National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine

doctor of philosophical sciences, senior fellow, head of Department of Leadership and Institutional Development, E-mail:


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