Education in the Context of the Present Social and Cultural Changes.

  • Vasyl Kremen


The universal and national tendencies of societal development (as a base for changes in education) have to be taking into account for ensuring of effectiveness of educational activity. The author shows several universal directions for future implicit changes of Ukrainian system of education: the growth of social development's dynamics, development of democracy, globalization, and development of modern technologies. These changes assume the formation of a new type of personality. According to this he/she has to be educated, self-sufficient, independent and democratic person with innovative thinking. From the other hand, the tasks of national educational system's development are closely connected with the problems of contemporary value system's development. This system includes such values as patriotism, national solidarity, development of our society's traditions. All these tendencies lead to formation human- and childcentrism as a crucial idea for changes in education and society.

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