Sergii Proleiev





Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

President of the Ukrainian Philosophical Foundation, Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Philosophical Thought”, a leading researcher of the Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Professor of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.


Participation in international projects: Co-organizer of the Eastern European Center for Socialist Urbanistics (2012), Director of International Summer Philosophical Schools (1998-2001), Project Manager of “Ukrainian Alternatives” and five International Film Festivals held within the framework of the project (2001-2005), co-organizer over 50 international research and publishing projects and conferences.


Membership in editorial boards: chairman of the editorial board of the publishing series “Contemporary Humanitarian Library”, member of the editorial boards of the journals “Філософія освіти. Philosophy of Education”, “Sententiae”, “Problems of the Philosophy of Law”, ” Philosophy and Cosmology”, “Philosophical Dialogues” and the editorial board of the book series “Conditiohumana” (Belarus).

Circle of scientific interests: Works in the field of social philosophy, philosophy of culture, history of Western philosophy.



Author of more than 250 scientific publications.


- books "Metaphysics of Power" (K., 2005), "Encyclopedia of Morals" (M., 2002), "The History of Ancient Philosophy" (M., 2001), "Encyclopedia of Vices" (K., 1996), "Spirituality and Being Man "(K, 1992),"Elena Wonderful: The Tragedy of Beauty" (K., 2015).

- collective monograph "The dialogue and understanding for the European and world communities" (Lviv, 2017), «Miasto (post) socjalistyczne. Przestrzen wladzy»(Krakow, 2015),"National Identity and civil society "(K., 2015), "Synergetics and Education" (K., 2014), "Philosophical and Methodological Principles for Improving the Quality of Higher Education in Ukraine: European Dimension" (K., 2012), "Philosophy and Methodology for the Development of Higher Education in Ukraine in the Context of European Integration Processes" (K. , 2011), "Elite: Origins, Essence, Perspective" (K., 2011), "Human Being in a Society: Relations, Communication, Spirituality" (K., 2010), "The Philosophy of Money in the Age of Financial Civilization" (K. , 2010), " Post-Soviet publicity: Belarus, Ukraine" (Vilnius, 2008), "The phenomenon of innovation: education, society and culture" (Karl, 2008), "History World Philosophy"(M., 2007),"Mission the University"(K., 2005),"Ukraine of the XVII century: society, philosophy, culture"(K., 2004),"The idea of culture: the challenges of modern civilization"(K ., 2003), "The phenomenon of Ukrainian culture" (K., 1996), "Ontological problems of culture" (K, 1994), "Human Being in Culture" (K., 1992), "Culture and Human Development" (K ., 1989).


Some publications of the last five years (2013-2017):

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