In an orbit of the European philosophy of education: a look from within the Ukrainian participant of the congress of 2018

Keywords: education philosophy, educational institutions, communication, education, reforming


The author of article shares the impressions of participation in the 8th congress of the Polish society of philosophical pedagogics of Bronislav F. Trentovsky devoted to the 100-anniversary of the Polish philosophy of education which took place with participation of communities of Poland, Great Britain, Ukraine. Acted as organizers the Ministry of science and the Higher education of Poland, Ministry of Education and Science of Great Britain. The attention to communities of theoretical philosophical and cultural approaches of the European researchers, but different results in practical activities of scientific and practical workers is focused that can be tracked by results of sociological researches on questions of priorities of the choice of training in higher educational institutions of Europe and, in particular, Poland. They testify in favor of the choice of the Polish higher educational institutions and desire of the Ukrainian students graduates to remain after the end of training in Poland. The purpose of article is identification of methodological opportunities of the analysis of an educational perspective diversely of communicative action of Jürgen Habermas which allows to consider educational institutions together with subjects of communicative and strategic actions.

In conclusions it is emphasized that the regulatory construct of perfect communicative community offered by Habermas focuses agents and addressees of educational and educational actions on reaching consensus in understanding of prospects of development of educational institutions. At the same time, this theory demands addition with methodological practices of N. Luhmann in which theory of self- reference social systems educational institutions and, first of all, an educational system, are considered as self-reference communication during which internal paradoxes educational and educative the practice which are wrongly interpreted in system self-descriptions as organizational and institutional and such which demand reformatory efforts from the outside though it is possible to eliminate such paradoxicality through selection of meanings of own autopoiesis come to light.

Author Biography

Valentyna Volodymyrivna Sahuichenko, Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education

Doctor of Philosophy Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Philosophy


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