Methodological Reconstruction of Anthropological Paradigm of Time: the Conception of the Anthropic Time and the Human History


  • Volodymyr Khanzhy Odessa National Medical University


methodological reconstruction of paradigm, anthropological paradigm of time, anthropic time, «temporal matryoshka», historical process, free will, determinants of history, self-organization


The article deals with a problem of expression and explanation of the essence of human activity and the historical process in its anthropic perspective. The purpose of article is a generalization of key provisions of such concept as the anthropic time and the historical process in the context of methodological reconstruction of anthropological paradigm of time. The author uses such methodological tools in his research as: 1) paradigmatic reconstruction for identifying two basic lines of articulation of temporal problematics, namely ontological and anthropological; 2) parametric general theory of systems, in which the identification of descriptors of anthropic time as a system in general is implemented; 3) synergetic approach, which creates the opportunity for the comprehension of anthropic time as a complex self-organizing system.

Methodological representation of time as an ultimate reason to attribute the activity with it’s subject, a human, is implemented. The way of transforming the time from “entity-from-world” into “entity-from-person” is shown.

Basing on the methodological reconstruction of the anthropological paradigm of time, which is opposed to the ontological exemplary model, the author (a) gives the definition of anthropic time; (b) offers it’s interpretation as a complex self-organizing system and (c) also detects the most typical properties of the anthropic time: multilevelness and co-evolutionary coupling of elements, dual-vector nature of becoming, nonlinearity, openness, presence of positive and negative feedbacks, stochastics and the ambiguity of temporal phases. It’s cleared out how in the anthropic time system temporal units are connected according to the principle of a matryoshka from specific-personal up to common to all mankind (in vertical and horizontal relations).

The author shows that deployment of the historical process is closely connected with the anthropic time. Its becoming is the result of interaction between the internal engine of the anthropic time, which is free will, and external determinants of history, which are attractors of death and life. In the article variants of interaction of immanent foundation and external determinants of the flow of the anthropic time and becoming of human history are also examined.

Author Biography

Volodymyr Khanzhy, Odessa National Medical University

Doctor of sciences in philosophy, Associate Professor, Head of philosophy and bioethics department


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