Knowledge for Payment and Investment: Analysis of Transformation of Educational System


  • Andrii Artemenko National University of Pharmacy


liberal system of education, globalization, risk society, individualized society, information society, educational crisis, marketing principles, mobility, modernization


The subject of this study is social and economical conditions of educational system development. The author points out the main stages of contemporary so­ciety development, which have affected the system of higher education in Europe. Special attention is paid to the analysis of liberal education. The author compares conditions and results of educational reforms being undertaken during the past thirty years.

The transition of society to new structure of economic relations, the develop­ment of globalization and the formation of “risk society” were identified as key factors of cintemporary educational crisis. Emphasis was made on the crisis of higher education in the 2010s.

The author argues the need for comprehensive analysis of preconditions of Ukrainian reformation of education. Inadmissibility of noncritical formal adop­tion of western educational model is the main message of the article. Carrying Ukrainian reforms should not copy the model of higher education which is in crisis now.

Modern trends in the development of education make us pay attention to the idea of state control over native educational system

Author Biography

Andrii Artemenko, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Department of Philosophy and Sociology


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Artemenko, A. (2015). Knowledge for Payment and Investment: Analysis of Transformation of Educational System. Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 17(2), 95–107. Retrieved from






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