Genesis of the Middle Class in Modern Ukrainian Society


  • Olena Alexandrova


the middle class, civil society, competition, partnership, social policy, local government


The genesis of the Ukrainian middle class takes place in the social systems of closed type, to which the Russian Empire, the USSR and Ukraine, as its part, belonged. This model
is connected with unnatural modernization, lack of succession in the introduction of capitalism phases, saltatory transformational changes and “non-communal” environment. In this case, the middle class is not numerous, anemic, weak, with conflict-triggering potential, whose power is enough only for initiating modernization reforms and then it chokes with them and dissolves in the social environment. The article proposes a philosophical idea of the middle class development in Ukraine that is based on competition and partnership interactions. It has been theoretically worked out that the mechanism of the middle class formation is social harmony as a result of bringing positive potential of attributes of the
optimal competition and partnership interaction as a condition for solving social contradictions. These attributes include tolerance, dialogue, compromise, and consensus. Interaction of the vertical of the power (state) and the horizontal of communications (civil society in the system of social coordinates) enables practical realization of the mechanism of social harmony.


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