Worldview and Humanitarian Dimension of Philosophy of (Review on S. Cherepanova’s Monograph)

  • Anatoliy Fed
  • Natalia Shalashna
Keywords: humanitarian and cultural-creative strategy, philosophy of education, the subject of culture, the synergetic methodology of education, education as a system, humanitarian space of culture, family self-cognition, universality of man


It is shown that S. Cherepanova’s monograph is devoted to analysis of the humanitarian and cultural-creative strategy of philosophy of education in the term of the new education paradigm; the questions of self-organization of person as a subject of culture are raised. The ontological dimension of philosophy of education as a philosophy of human is examined. The concepts of humanitarian space and the family self-cognition, the art as a way of the human being’s harmonization and the humanitarian style of thinking are reviewed. Ukrainian cultural space is analyzed by comparing the eastern and western models of world’s perception. Such approach reveals the opportunities of reforming Ukrainian education as a cultural practice, as it gives the opportunity to orient it to the future of the nation and the world.

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