The Philosophy of Dreams in the Implication of Freedom


  • Anna Zhukova


dream, freedom, human creativity, release, potential


The dreams and freedom are analyzed in the article. They are reproduced in the relationship of human being-world. Freedom is inherent for human being, it frees him/she from the encumbrances that restrains its essence within the predetermined being. The dream of a free person is concentrated in the multifaceted dimension of personality’s abilities. A dream and freedom as heuristic direction of personal and cultural development are examined in the article. Free creative outlook creates the unlimited opportunities for rethinking existing moral beliefs and development of the new ideas about the fundamental axiological orientations. It is shown that the dream is beyond time and space, it also, like freedom, displays inspired desire. These concepts could be embodied in ourselves. The individual may dream about freedom, or being free he may dream. Dreams which are formed in the
free person’s search of her/his own ideal images reveal his/her creative potential. The freedom in the implicational dimension due to dream creative potential is transformed from the ideal of consciousness and the mind into reality.


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