The Anthropological Turn in Education of Post- contemporaneity


  • Hanna Gumenyuk


post-contemporaneity, anthropological turn, educational paradigm, anthropological project, aim of education, innovation methods, textbook


The state of the traditional educational model may be determined as a crisis, which is characterized by the loss of anthropological-existential and contents valued measure of education. Under such circumstances a human being occurs out of educational surrounding. That’s why the necessity of anthropological turn appears in education which is in the fact that in the presentation of its orientation on the demands of society the demands of a personality must be taken into account, which is determined by the specific features of post-contemporaneity and new senses and outlook orients are produced. Such a turn considers the rethinking of the contents of education, its aim, approaches to the organization of the educational process, methods of teaching, as well as the role and the contents of the textbooks and the reorientation of education to the human needs.. The investigation interest in the field of this article is focused on the definition of the precondition of the anthropological turn and also on the analysis of its main stages and investigation of the anthropological project in postmodern education. The main precondition of the anthropological turn in education is paradigm movements, conditioned by the influence of post-non-classical science. The incipience of the new paradigm in education occurs by means of appeal to the attainment of postmodernity, post- structuralism, synergetics and feminine philosophy in rethinking of the educational processes. In the context of the new educational paradigm the rethinking of the methodological principles of the educational process occurs, and also the conceptualization of the certain image of a human being, that is in the process of a constant search and the formation of himself, the determination of
its place in the educational process.


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