Information Society and Searches for a New Educational Paradigm


  • Vitaliy Lyakh


The author examines the problem of a search of  a new educational paradigm, basing on the ideas of theoreticians of information society (D.Bell, A. Toffer, M.Castells P. Himanen). The information epoch society needs the persons of a innovative world outlook, which will be able to act creatively in the diversity conditions, under the constantly changeable situations. In order to develop an innovative worldview it is necessary to change not only the formal conditions (for example, development of the universities' system), but restructure the content of educational system. The constant changes and increasing variety require renovation of knowledge and the system of teaching. How to maintain a student motivation for a lifelong study? How to restructure an «invisible» side of teaching, or «hidden educational course»? How to help the students to develop their capacities sufficiently, so to become creative and innovative; to reply adequately on the challenge of the epoch? By answering these and other questions, the author uses such notions as «spirit of informationalism», «information and technological paradigm», «hackish culture», «hackish ethics», «ideology of freedom».


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