Repression of Education: Forced Necessity or Socium’s Power Intentions?

  • Sergiy Proleyev


The article is dealing with the question whether education is a vital need, fundamental necessity of human self-determination, or it is simply a society’s demands to an individual.
It is shown, that education, as a social institute comprises the internal conflict. It is created by two opposite intentions of education: first, the education is the precondition of a creative development of the personality; second, the education “produces” the individuals for the given social system, constructs them as the typical representatives for particular society. Implicit repression of education is caused by that internal conflict of education. The repressive grounds of the contemporary Ukrainian school are analyzed. Among them, there are some main grounds such as absence of the system educational project and loss school’s essential purpose, i.e. assisting a person in identifying his/her vocation. The necessity of the ecology of educational process is proved. 

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