Creativity as a Factor of Formation of Personality's Spiritual World


  • Viktor Zhadko


The development of a democratic society, effective economy and legal state in Ukraine turned out to be a much more difficult matter than it was expected.
On the background of dramatic collisions, problems and difficulties of nowadays, in the context of extreme transformation of social links, global erosive changes in culture and moral sphere, it is especially difficult to think about the creativity as a part of a spiritual world of personality. Because only through creativity which is considered by the community and supported by the government, a person shows his/her need to create, overcomes daily routine, realizes his/her life targets, goes from today into the future with the help of new discoveries. As spiritual world of a person extends, theoretical and practical aspects of his/her actions are getting more distinguished.
The interrelation between the creativity and personality in the process of spiritual world and outlook formation is considered on the socio — philosophic examples.


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