Philosophical and Anthropological Reflection and Its Educational Aspects

  • Vitaliy Tabachkovskiy


Philosophy is running through the complex, but at the same time fruitful conceptual and imaginable metamorphoses at the modern time. Its problematic reached the range, when confidence in profitability of thought combines with the splash of self-renunciation. This situation is getting more acute in the post-totalitarian intellectual space, where the change of one-vector style of Philosophy is combined with the post-modern one, which cast doubt on any strategy of «analytical fundamentalism*. It is obvious that the reasonable alternative to the last one is not «an antianalytizm», but the new forms of philosophical analytic. It is possible to find them out only regenerating and renewing the reflection practices. No matter what kind they are, but they have unchangeable anthropo-creative purpose — to help contemporary human being to live in peace with the surrounded world and himself.
The article is devoted to the analysis of the above-mentioned problem.

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