Integrative Pedagogical Bioethics as Prospect of Educational Discourse

Review of the Sixth National Congress on Bioethics, Kyiv, September 27-29, 2016

  • Аnna Hubenko NGO «Bioethics».
Keywords: Congress on Bioethics, Integrative pedagogical bioethics, bioethical education, teacher-bioethicist.


The given article is devoted to author's impressions about The Sixth National Congress from Bioethics, which took place in Kyiv on 27-29 September, 2016. Reveals the theme of the plenary and breakout sessions of Congress, which was devoted to discussion of topical issues related to the development of new biomedical technologies and nanotechnology; legal structures in the field of bioethics; bioethical education and training; environmental bioethics; philosophical generalizations contemporary issues of bioethics. The members of the Congress are identified including generally domestic and foreign specialists: scientists, medicians, biologists, philosophers, lawyers, psychologists, educators, representatives of different religious confessions, practitioners and social workers. Updated transdisciplinary nature of modern bioethics. It is analyzed as different areas of bioethics differentiated education. The author calls for a creative rethinking of the structure and methodology of bioethics. Implementation and development of integrative pedagogical bioethics allow Ukraine to become a leader in the development of bioethics to make a qualitative leap in education reform in general.

Author Biography

Аnna Hubenko, NGO «Bioethics».

PhD, Associate Professor of Social and Humanitarian Education of Sumy,

Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education; director of the NGO «Bioethics».

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HubenkoА. (2016). Integrative Pedagogical Bioethics as Prospect of Educational Discourse. Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 19(2), 271-274.
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