Some Thoughts on Philosophy of Education


  • Zdenko Kodelja Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia



philosophy of education, philosophical pedagogy, pedagogy, educational theory


Philosophy of education is usually understood as a special branch of philosophy. However, a noteworthy fact is that in many countries philosophy of education is not recognized as such and, consequently, is not taught in departments of philosophy, but rather in departments or faculties of education. In these cases the term “philosophy of education” is or was also used as a synonym for two things: firstly, for one of the educational sciences, and secondly, for one of the interpretations of that traditional academic discipline whose name has the same meaning and etymological origin in several languages: Pädagogik, pedagogika, pedagogija, pedagogia, pédagogie, and the like. Therefore, if we accept such interpretations, philosophy of education is not a constitutive part of philosophy. But, if it is not, then why is it called “philosophy”? And on the other hand, if philosophy of education is not the same as the history of philosophical ideas about education, if it is not just a kind of collection of what the great philosophers have said about education, then what is it?

Author Biography

Zdenko Kodelja, Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia

PhD in Philosophy and in Education, a researcher and Head of the Centre for Philosophy of Education


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Kodelja, Z. (2017). Some Thoughts on Philosophy of Education. Filosofiya Osvity. Philosophy of Education, 21(2), 46–56.






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